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1 newspaper writers and photographers [syn: fourth estate]
2 the state of urgently demanding notice or attention; "the press of business matters" [syn: imperativeness, insistence, insistency, pressure]
3 the gathering and publishing of news in the form of newspapers or magazines [syn: public press]
4 a machine used for printing [syn: printing press]
5 a dense crowd of people [syn: crush, jam]
6 a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes [syn: wardrobe, closet]
7 clamp to prevent wooden rackets from warping when not in use
8 any machine that exerts pressure to form or shape or cut materials or extract liquids or compress solids [syn: mechanical press]
9 a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then smoothly lifted overhead [syn: military press]
10 the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure; "he gave the button a press"; "he used pressure to stop the bleeding"; "at the pressing of a button" [syn: pressure, pressing]


1 exert pressure or force to or upon; "He pressed down on the boards"; "press your thumb on this spot"
2 force or impel in an indicated direction; "I urged him to finish his studies" [syn: urge, urge on, exhort]
3 to be oppressive or burdensome; "weigh heavily on the mind", "Something pressed on his mind" [syn: weigh]
4 place between two surfaces and apply weight or pressure; "pressed flowers"
5 squeeze or press together; "she compressed her lips"; "the spasm contracted the muscle" [syn: compress, constrict, squeeze, compact, contract]
6 crowd closely; "The crowds pressed along the street"
7 create by pressing; "Press little holes into the soft clay"
8 be urgent; "This is a pressing problem"
9 exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for; "The liberal party pushed for reforms"; "She is crusading for women's rights"; "The Dean is pushing for his favorite candidate" [syn: crusade, fight, campaign, push, agitate]
10 press from a plastic; "press a record" [syn: press out]
11 make strenuous pushing movements during birth to expel the baby; "`Now push hard,' said the doctor to the woman" [syn: push]
12 lift weights; "This guy can press 300 pounds" [syn: weight-lift, weightlift]
13 ask for or request earnestly; "The prophet bid all people to become good persons" [syn: bid, beseech, entreat, adjure, conjure]

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Etymology 1

Via Middle English from Old French, compare French presse



  1. A device used to apply pressure to an item.
    ...a flower press.
  2. A collective term for the print based media (both the people and the newspapers)
    This article appeared in the press.
    ...according to a member of the press...
  3. An enclosed storage space (eg closet, cupboard).
    Put the cups in the press.
  4. General term for a printing machine.
    Stop the presses!
  5. An exercise in which weight is forced away from the body by extension of the arms or legs.
device used to apply pressure
  • Czech: lis
  • Dutch: pers /
  • Galician: prensa
  • German: Presse
  • Japanese: qualifier for flowers 押し花器; qualifier for pants ズボンプレス, ズボンプレッサー, パンツプレス, パンツプレッサー; 圧搾機
  • Portuguese: prensa
  • Spanish: prensa
printed media
  • Czech: tisk
  • Dutch: pers /
  • Finnish: lehdistö
  • Galician: prensa
  • German: Presse
  • trreq Hebrew
  • Italian: stampa
  • Japanese: 報道
  • Portuguese: imprensa
  • Spanish: prensa
enclosed storage space
printing machine
  • Dutch: pers /
  • German: Druckerpresse
  • Japanese: 印刷機
  • Portuguese: imprensa
  • Spanish: prensa
  • Japanese: プレス
  • Spanish: pres, prensa

Etymology 2

Via Middle English from Old French, compare French presser


  1. To apply pressure to an item.
    Press any key
  2. (with "gone"): To indicate that a story is being printed.
    That story has gone to press.
Derived terms
to apply pressure
  • Arabic:
  • Chinese: , (yā)
  • Czech: tisknout, stisknout
  • Dutch: drukken
  • Finnish: painaa
  • French: presser
  • Galician: prensar, presionar
  • German: drücken
  • Hindi: दबाना (dabānā)
  • Hungarian: nyom, megnyom, benyom
  • Italian: premere
  • Japanese: 押す
  • Korean: 누르다 (nureuda)
  • Portuguese: prensar, pressionar
  • Russian: нажимать (nažimát’)
  • Spanish: prensar, presionar
  • Swedish: trycka
to indicate that a story is being printed

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Press may refer to:
In publishing:
In industry and home economics:
  • Machine press, a machine that shapes material by the application of pressure
  • Hydraulic press, a machine press operating by hydraulic pressure
  • Flypress, a machine that cuts material by pressing with a sharp edged mold or tool
  • Linen-press, a cabinet for storing household textiles and clothing.
  • Trouser press, an appliance to remove wrinkles from trousers
  • RAM press, a patented machine used to press clay in the pottery business
  • Pressing or ironing, the process of pressing wrinkles out of (or into) clothes
  • A method of straightening curly hair, primarily used by African-Americans, that uses a hot comb
In food preparation:
  • French press, a device for coffee preparation
  • Fruit press, a press used to extract juice from grapes and apples
  • Garlic press, a device to crush garlic cloves for cooking.
  • Ram press (food), a device used to extract juice from fruits, like grapes, apples and oil from crushed oil seeds
In music:
In sports:
  • Clean and press, a weight-training exercise, and one of the three lifts contested in the sport of weightlifting until 1972
  • Military press, a weight-training exercise
In military:
  • Impressment, a method of involuntary recruitment by a Navy department
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

AP, Associated Press, Fleet Street, Reuters, UPI, United Press International, accelerate, advice, adviser, advocate, annex, announcer, annunciator, apply pressure, army, ask, aspirator, assault, assemble, assert, attach, authority, bear, bear against, bear down on, bear down upon, bear hard upon, bear on, bear upon, bearing, bed, beg, beseech, beset, besiege, blandish, book publishing, boost, bosom, broadcast journalism, broadcasting, brook no denial, buck, bug, bull, bulldoze, bump, bump against, bundle, bunt, bustle, butt, butt against, buttonhole, cajole, calender, call, call on, call up, call upon, call-up, channel, clamp, clamping, clamping down, clasp, cleave to, clinch, clip, cluster, clutch, coax, cohue, collect, collectivize, commandeer, communalize, communicant, communications, communications industry, communicator, communize, compact, compel, composing room, compress, compression, compulsion, compulsory military service, concentrate, condense, confiscate, congest, congregate, conscript, conscription, consolidate, constrain, constraint, contend, converge, convergence, converging, corkscrew, cram, crisis, crowbar, crowd, crowding, crunch, crush, cylinder press, deluge, demand, densen, densify, depress, detach, detach for service, dig, dispatch, distrain, draft, draft call, drafting, drive, drive on, drove, dun, elbow, embosom, embrace, emergency, enfold, enlightener, enlist, enlistment, enroll, enrollment, ensphere, entreat, exert pressure, exhort, exigency, expedite, expert witness, express, expropriate, extractor, flatbed cylinder press, flatten, flock, flood, fold, force, force upon, forceps, forward, fourth estate, galaxy, garnish, gather, gathering, goad, gossipmonger, grapevine, haste, hasten, hasten on, haul, head, heap, heave, herd, hie on, high pressure, high-pressure, horde, host, hot-press, huddle, hug, hurry, hurry along, hurry on, hurry up, hurtle, hustle, hustle up, impel, imperativeness, importune, impound, impress, impressment, impulse, impulsion, induce, induct, induction, informant, information, information center, information medium, informer, insist, insist on, insist upon, intelligence, interviewee, iron, jab, jam, jawbone, jog, joggle, join, jolt, jostle, journalism, lean on, legion, levy, lie on, list, lobby, magazine publishing, maintain, makeready, mangle, mash, mass, meet, mill, mob, mobilization, mobilize, monitor, mouthpiece, move, multitude, muster, muster in, nag, nag at, nationalize, news, news agency, news medium, news service, newsiness, newsletter, newsmagazine, newsmonger, newspaper, newsworthiness, nip, notifier, nudge, oppress, overexert, overextend, overstrain, overtax, pack, panoply, paparazzi, persist, persuade, pester, pile, pile drive, pincers, pinch, pipette, plague, platen, platen press, plead with, pliers, ply, ply upon, poke, precipitate, press association, press down, press upon, pressroom, pressure, presswork, print medium, printing machine, printing office, printing press, printshop, prod, proofroom, propel, provoke, public press, public print, public relations officer, publisher, publishers, publishing, publishing house, publishing industry, pull, pump, punch, push, push on, push through, push upon, put pressure on, quicken, rabble, rack, radio, railroad through, raise, ram, ram down, rash impulse, rattle, recommend, recruit, recruiting, recruitment, replevin, replevy, reportage, reporter, request, rest on, roll, rotary press, rotogravure press, rout, ruck, run, run against, rush, rush along, sadden, seethe, selective service, separator, sequester, sequestrate, shake, shoulder, shove, sign on, sign up, siphon, smooth, socialize, soft-soap, solidify, source, spate, speed, speed along, speed up, spokesman, spur, squab, squash, squeeze, squeezing, squish, stampede, stand on, steam, stick to, strain, strain every nerve, stress, stretch, stuff, summon, summons, swarm, sweat blood, sweet-talk, take no denial, tamp, tax, tease, telegraph agency, television, teller, tense, tension, the fourth estate, the press, throng, thronging, thrust, thrust upon, tidings, tighten, tightening, tipster, tout, tug, tweak, tweezers, urge, urge upon, urgency, vacuum pump, wad up, web, web press, weigh down, weigh on, weigh upon, wheedle, whip, whip along, wire service, witness, word, work on, wringer
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